Enterprise Grade Hardware:

All Private Layer dedicated servers feature only enterprise grade hardware. The server chassis and motherboard are manufactured by Supermicro, and feature only Intel Xeon processors. By using only server grade equipment and NOT desktop equipment and processors, like other hosting companies, your server will be more reliable and robust.


Each of our two data centers are powered by a multi-homed BGP public network featuring reputable international carriers and 100 percent CISCO networking products from the edge of our network to each individual distribution switch. Each server is connected by default to a secondary private network that allows for SAN access, secure access to the server via VPN and other internal functions.


24 Hour Provisioning:

The Private Layer provisioning process insures that your dedicated server will be online within 24 hours of confirmation of your order. In most cases your server will be provisioned within 2 hours of confirmation of your order. Our fast provisioning process ensures you that you get access to your dedicated server quickly allowing you to get to work faster.

24 Hour Tech Support:

The Private Layer support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All of our server engineers are highly skilled and trained to solve your issues in a fast and professional manner. Support is offered in both English and Spanish for your convenience. Our support allows you to solve issues regarding your dedicated server quickly and professionally.


Offshore Hosting:

Private Layer’s corporate operations are located in The Republic Panama, with data center and hosting operations in Zurich Switzerland. We understand Offshore Hosting, we value privacy and stability.

Privacy & Neutral Jurisdiction:

Both Panama and Switzerland lead the world in corporate privacy, but yet offers stable modern infrastructure and a close proximity to the United States and Europe. The Private Layer Enhanced Privacy Policy insures that the data on your dedicated server will be secure from third parties.


Switzerland has long been recognized as a safe haven. It is not a member of the EU, and remains neutral in times of conflict.

Located in the heart of Europe, Switzerland is protected and is safe from natural disasters due to weather or seismic events.

Zurich is a major Internet hub, a center where many network providers exchange traffic, providing low latency connections.

Data and Server Hosting is quickly replacing Switzerland’s banking industry, as a refuge for those seeking privacy and stability.